Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Arena Rock (In a High School Auditorium)

When the design concept started to center around arena rock there were a few things ideas that immediately popped into mind.  I wanted tight beams of light, haze, and the intense white light that the HMI fixtures typical of rock tours put out.  The photo above (taken by Robby Njos for our billboard advertisement) shows all of this in one shot.

To accomplish this we use four sets of ACLs (short for Air Craft Landing lights), and 24 moving lights with the color set to 5200 Kelvin, four HMI followspots, and conventional sidelight gelled with color correction gel to mimic that color.

The ACLs use sealed beam lamps which produce a 5 degree beam angle.  They are in sets of four near the top of the photo.  The Robe Robbin 100 LED Beam is a close second when it comes to narrow beams.  Its 7 degree beam angle looks to be almost parallel in haze (see photo below, also from Robby Njos).

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